Time-travel would be an option. An old American writer once told me about that in a bar near the Mexican border. He told me the secrets. Had done it a lot by the way of writing he told. But there was another way: painting! Much faster but much more dangerous then the writing method: you could start to think fully beyond reason. That could make you faster then light: only visual images. But when you went beyond that there was an eternal space from which you could not go back to your own time so you lost the ability of dying. The curse of eternal life: stuck in one body between two time-points, forever…

I shivered when he told me that: ‘Take that very, very, very serious, son.’ He said that with a penetrating glance.

Change definitions! That was the credo! When everybody talked about art somebody had to know what it was well? So I went ‘in search’. For a good definition… I found out: everybody I knew thought art would bring them to the future. To my opinion however time-travel in that direction was already an ongoing process that could not be stopped neither could be forced. Maybe a little ‘up-speeding’ was possible… A little intensifying … Use some good old illusion for instance… Ay there is the rub: good old. There you say it!

Traveling backwards in time would be a bigger challenge and looking at today’s ‘zeitgeist’ far more productive. I had the slight little feeling that we had forgotten some things in recent history… Time to get back and pick them up! But how do that? Traveling backwards is much, much harder although we know the route… So, painting could be the solution.

And how about changing definitions? Back to the fourties, the fifties, the sixties, the seventies. I already got nervous. Face the counterculture…

I decided to start up an exercise program. But first there was the question: which definitions? That was definitely the first problem that had to be solved, without any question!

The whole ‘art-thing’ was the problem. And, not the new ideas about art but the total lack of solid, conservative, old ideas as a background for new ones… Conclusion: to find a form we had to go back in time! By so far: everything was permitted. But was there a truth?

Change definitions! First thing is breathing, relaxed and regular breathing. Do not use any drugs! No alcohol. Relax your mind for the free fall in the possibilities. You create future and you want it to be good future. Ain’t that so?

We all know that we do not know the future but why do we still pretend? How to increase evolution power?

Hold our options? Or: just the free fall in the possibilities and just ‘do’ what you really want. Be a radical. Do always hundred percent what you are doing. Switching ideas? Switch them all the time! Be consequent? Be consequent!

And try to find out: where does it happen? And: where does what happen? We are the writers on the storm, kid!

Change definitions!

Peter Stufkens